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Full Version: Who wants a free (damaged) Crosby GU card?
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As many of you know I received this card in a trade a month or so ago in a PWE with no protection except the top loader. Well I was given the option of sending it back for a replacement but I didn't think it was worth it to ship, nor did I think I should have had to send it back at a cost to me.

Instead I am going to send it to a Beckett member for free. Here is the card.

[Image: IMG1_zps4be47d88.jpg]

If you are interested in the card just post in this thread by Sunday and I will put all the users into a in the order they are posted here and the top name will get the card after they PM me their address.

Good luck to all that wish to enter.
Count me in!
I've received a Cheevers pad card, a Hasek/Howard/Mrazek triple jersey and a Sakic/Hull/Sundin triple Jersey card all damaged like that. Ignore the above reply and i'll add it to my new Damaged trade PC lol.
count me in too.
You should send it to Jon (Dnj_cards) for redoing! You know that you will get some amazing result, and it will be a 1/1! Haha!

Would definitely be interested! Could make a pretty sweet custom outta that.
Bummer - I am constantly amazed at people who send jersey cards like this thru the mail in just a toploader and bubble mailer (or PWE !!!), I've had more than a few arrive with this kind of damage.
I second sending it to Jon for a custom...
Changed my mind. You should send it to Jon.
I am not looking for anything in return for it, just want to send it to someone who might be able to use it. If that person wants to send it to Jon for a custom card that is cool with me, or if Jon wins the and wants to send the custom out to someone that is cool too. I just want someone to enjoy the card which I won't and I am not willing to trade a damaged card to someone, that is just not right.
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