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Full Version: Going retro at the LCS.
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I am one a few basketball customers that shops at my LCS. He had an individual come in this weekend looking to sell. The owner bought and called me. I went down today and took a look at this complete set. I am a set collector, but I was 50/50 heading down. I prefer to collect a set, not buy it. Once I had these in hand I had to get them though. I got them for a price well below what it would take for me to put it together and the cards are in great shape. (Sorry for all the pics, I thought some of the cards were funny)

[Image: 4ABBAF01-F173-425E-90BB-363B065CC227_zpsoac8jyna.jpg]
[Image: 8090F387-FA78-4707-9CED-6211A9B2B813_zpsp48xlvv3.jpg]
[Image: 60140D4F-A37E-4F13-8A6A-74C2F6FEA93E_zpsup0zfhew.jpg]
[Image: 1F28069D-971D-4D56-846C-5837CE61CEE3_zpsrn2ltgax.jpg]
[Image: 1C561BA4-4CC2-4651-9AA6-AB100190A086_zpsnebrfruc.jpg]
[Image: 42203720-953F-4E91-B262-BF06D4D2DDBC_zps95y3bwfj.jpg]
[Image: 590FBA9A-6255-4095-82D4-985F35B731FF_zpsktr14deu.jpg]
[Image: B9A8FCE2-9DEA-45D7-9A7C-DFB44A2B0D47_zpsevdizvds.jpg]

Adam Morrison???
[Image: 2FDD4BB4-DEE1-4AEE-B1CC-3B60C70C6E2D_zpsxj5cwuzv.jpg]
[Image: CC1488E7-392D-4185-BD5B-FEB895A9435C_zpszyjqtf13.jpg]
[Image: 4A7D1DDC-AB7E-4D70-89DB-B852D26FA619_zpsg1gzkwoh.jpg]
Nice addition! Vintage wax sets are never a bad idea.
Very nice, I think vintage basketball are some of the most under-appreciated cards around.
niiiiice! phil jackson in a knicks uniform 40 years before becoming their president.
Love it!! I need a Walton RC still. That one looks like its in pretty good shape, nice pickups!
Very nice pick up!
Ya nice find. Ive been trying to put that set together for awhile. Missing a couple key pieces, the Walton and Gervin mainly.
Classic and really cool to look thru!
I need a Jackie Moon.

He played for the Flint Tropics and also had a hit single, "Love Me Sexy!"

Awesome set ... I'd love to pick one of those up sometime.
I am insanely jealous that you have them.
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