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Full Version: Quest for 1500
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Well I have 1268 different Patrick Roy base and inserts that are not part of my Between the Pipes collection. I am trying to get that to 1500.

I have 7 more coming in from trades right now.

I have 2000+ setup as wants in the organize. If you can find a way to make a deal it would be awesome.

One more off the list and another trade completed.

Anyone else. Just added a few new cards.
Another trade in the books so more on the the help from users so far.
I know that I have a 1990's Quad Mem card that you need. Will want something close in value in return though. Hopefully we can get something in the works.

Cool, I will try to find something for you.

Anyone else have anything, lots of lower end stuff I still need.
Up to 1274.....
Anyone, I know there are more out there....
Been a bit since I brought this back up. Not even to 1300 yet people! I know there are more out there.