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Full Version: finishing up PC Prizm Rainbows
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I am trying to finish these rainbows of PC players:

Faried - Need Dark Blue and Purple (and many of the Dominance inserts colors)

[Image: FariedPrizm_zpsb1122a87.jpg]

Penny Hardaway - Need Purple

[Image: PennyPrizm_zps3b3d31c1.jpg]

Lawson and Iggy - Need Most!

Please help if you can!
I have almost all the Lawson's. Missing gold and black (which already saw on ebay). You should be able to get them pretty easily on ebay, i have a saved search and see them pop up all the time
Do most consider the rainbow "complete" without the gold and black? I have Paul George but missing those two, and I see the difference between you two (OP doesn't account for gold and black). Is this a personal preference thing?
I will get the gold, but the black seems rather high for me to justify spending that much $$$ on 1/1. Hopefully I make a ton of money this year and can change my thoughts on that!
I myself typically don't go for the gold /10 or black 1/1's simply because I don't think they are worth the money honestly..Like the OP mentioned the gold is within reach and at the right price I would pick it up.Nice start man! I was lucky to grab the purple /49 a few weeks ago.