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Full Version: Please Explain, Difference between UD
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I was wondering what is the difference between UD Hockey and UD Exclusive hockey?? When looking up cards on the online guide there is two different prices. So what is the difference??

exclusives have a different glossy coating and numbered out of 100
If you mean the base parallel Exclusive, those are numbered /100 and stamped on the front.
Well I don't know what I mean, that is why I am asking lol, thanks for the input. Just wanted to be sure the packs I was buying in my LCS weren't one thing and the crap from target or Walmart is another.

They are both the same and you can pull exclusives from the normal base set i believe. the /100 will be stamped right on front of the card.
Exclusives and high gloss parallels are from hobby boxes only, so if you buy blaster boxes from walmart or target you wont get one, where as if you buy a hobby box from your local card shop you have a chance at pulling an exclusives parallel /100 or a high gloss parallel /10. Hope that helps...