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Full Version: 6 More Rack Packs Prizm
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I found a Walmart today that had 6 Rack Packs.

I will be putting the base set together tonight and post (in trading) my set needs and doubles if others need. Another trader decided I need to go for the Mosaic set, so I will post my needs after I get his trade completed. Know I will need Lebron/Durant/and Kobe if anyone has them. As of now ALL FT/FS, already in ORG.

Today's main hits:

[Image: Prizmhits_zpsfa703328.jpg]
Nice Oladipo mosaic. Best of luck in putting that set together, I will certainly try to help out as much as I can.
Djohn, you are about to help tremendously. The Oladipo and Kyrie came from the same pack.... All 3 packs I opened that had Oladipo, also had Kyrie! Both for trade/sell if anyone is interested.
Nice victor rc