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Full Version: Been thinking about a Beckett Fantasy Game
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I have been thinking about us doing a fantasy racing game here on Beckett but I have 2 problems.
#1 - Not knowing if there are enough members that will compete.
#2 - Not enough prizes to give.

I was thinking that we can start a game that starts with the Coca Cola 600 that follows the All-Star Race. This would only be for the Cup Series and everyone would pick 1 driver for each week that they race.

Shelbysaleen--PLZ LMK if this is against the Beckett rules!!!

I would like to see at least 10 members competing. I have an insert set that I would be willing to give up to the winner. I would like to know if anyone else is up for this challenge and if anyone has something they would like to offer as a prize. It would be nice to give out a prize to the top 3, but I cannot do that by myself. Anyone have some replies, suggestions, prizes to offer? LMK!!!
I'd be in if we are allowed to do this, Adam, for sure. And if so, I'll contribute to the prize pool.
Count me in, I can also contribute prizes also
Well, Michael says this does not violate any Beckett rules.
I guess we can move forward with this. It appears that we have 3 people so far. If we can get to 10 people participating, I will post a new thread with specifics about the game.
Everyone spread the word to fellow NASCAR fans throughout the Beckett members!
Hey man sounds like fun I would be up for it also, and count me in for a prize also.
Yes (to playing) and yes (to contribute prizes).

Well, so far we are up to 6 members interested in playing AND contributing a prize of some sort. I have one who confirmed by PM.
If everyone participating contributes a prize, we have too many prizes! Smile

I have two ideas for distributing them though.
#1 - Everyone can PM me what they want to contribute and either I can pick the 3 best prizes OR we can all vote on the 3 best prizes to give out.
#2 - All prizes will be given out in order of final points. The winner would get to pick from the prize pool first. #2 picks second, #3 picks third, etc.
I would like to hear everyone's opinion on all of this.
Just remember that you might not receive a card you like more than the one you gave up.
I want everyone to enjoy the game and feel that it is completely fair to everyone playing. This is why I set the start date so far in advance. I want all details ironed out before we get started. LMK any suggestions, ideas, thoughts, etc. that you have about this game idea.
Bumping this up. Hoping to get a few more members to join in on this. We are close to having a nice little contest to have some fun with on this forum!
LMK if you want in on the contest.
I'm interested in playing, as well, but not interested in adding to the prize pool...

j/k, of course I have something or two to contribute as a prize...however it works out/
Thanks dunnere!

We are up to 7 members. One more and it will be a lock to proceed with the rules and setup for this contest.
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