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Full Version: Basketball forum yielded 1 winner!!!
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Gave everybody a number and pulled from a Falcons hat lol.... Anyways I pulled six out 2 were stuck together so there is 6 winners now, I didn't want to pick one of the two, the breakdown of the 6 was 3 from baseball forum, 2 from Football forum, and one from basketball

The winner here was DIRTYBIRD52, Congrats on being lucky, PM your address and Monday a bubble mailer will be headed your way!
Allen Iverson, Sixers.
Blazers, Lillard Smile
I collect hall of fame players. The most of i have of one player, it will be jordon.
Lakers, Kobe
Mitch Richmond, Ohio State Buckeyes (not related, obviously! Smile )
Allen Iverson, Detroit Pistons
Tristan Thompson / Cavs (A very nice gesture BTW)
Celtics, any and all.
Blake Griffin Oklahoma Alumns
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