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Full Version: NEW SCANS FT
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Looking to make a few deals. Let me know if you like anything, post here, start a trade or send a PM. Thanks guys!

[Image: C9FEE28B-E870-403C-86CC-F8170602A069_zpszrydr7lo.jpg]

[Image: 8ED88020-55E4-4F4C-8ABB-575F3FFC6CBE_zps7ddelolb.jpg]

[Image: 0388A8F0-5E6C-4819-8C69-FD82D5936EEF_zpspd08pkyw.jpg]

[Image: 837C4139-1C52-4788-BD63-95797AC4D882_zpskxwuee6f.jpg]

[Image: 846A224A-1590-4840-9FB5-A1EF2FF2E152_zpsvnyaltty.jpg]

[Image: 4F4BC76B-FC74-412C-9FD7-389DECCD5035_zpsw08xbmcx.jpg]

[Image: 349969D7-77E4-4C76-BD4E-77E487AA3183_zpsepuimwkp.png]

[Image: 86434E3E-33D8-4EFB-B01D-815819F5D05A_zpsqurr6ymi.jpg]

[Image: D2472373-EB26-4561-B058-F0E7ECA282B8_zpsg5fbcvtu.jpg]

[Image: 4E5D6470-62F7-43D2-9614-5F934603C96F_zpsvovsh2ni.png]

[Image: 2F5C5B62-91AC-445E-9829-81B48AF829D8_zpstjysofrr.png]
interested in kershaw patch and maybe maury wills
Nice Willis. Must if got a deal on that!! Check me for the triple please
Check me for the Rivera patch please
Open offer sent, but it'll require more of my cards than the Mariano patch lol
Sweet trip auto and Ryan!!
Thanks bud! Hoping your cards are at home waiting for me! Yours went out today, sorry for the delay! Im siked about the Ryan, it should also be in my mailbox waiting for me. Had some really good maildays lately.
Could you check me for the ruth and kaline please
Interested in the Ryan auto, didn't see it marked FT
Thats because its not in hand yet. Should be in my mailbox today or tomorrow at the latest

ktraynor - i checkd you but it only showed one mike olt auto...? Probaly beckett mess up
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