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Full Version: n/a valued cards?
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Just curious how collectors try to put a trade value on cards with a n/a beckett value. As we all know a card is only worth what someone will pay you for it. The tough part is how to set a trade value. Let me know how you do it. Not sure I want to use ebay stating bid price , and often those cards aren't listing much.
I usually look and see if there are higher number parallels to compare to and go from there. If not then I'll check eBay for a reference and maybe other similar numbered autos of that player that may be listed. After all that I go with what I feel it's worth haha.

A lot of it really depends on what I am getting in return. Is it a single card or am I trading down, are they PC or more trade bait hope this helps haha
Yea i get that all the time like my Longoria triple thread auto has no pricing...I was offered $25-$50...In trading i think it is worth just a little more than that. I basically use the bay as a guideline and go from there...In fact this whole site is a guideline and nothing is set in stone...Those who prospect can agree lol!!!!!
I use bay prices and double it for TV pricing. Most items on eBay sell at around 40% to 50% BV unless it is a " Hot" commodity card... I asked about a particular card today that had no pricing. One sold on eBay for $188.00 but they were asking 3X as much in cash or trade value. Just not realistic at all....
I do a ratio type thing
base card 2.50
# d to 100-- 25.00
#d to 50---- 50.00
#D TO 25-- 75.00
#D TO 10--- 100.00
#TO 5---- 125
# TO 1--- 150

even though they are not allways this easy I take the value and find the difference and keep adding the difference until I hit the 1/1 or the NA card I have
Wayne has a pretty good handle on it but.....

You always have to factor in that "YOUR" cards are always better and worth more than mine even tho its the same basic card, yours has 5 square corners, unfortunately mine only has 4.

90%+ of all cards ever printed have absolutely NO value what-so-ever and never will. Maybe 1% of the remaining 10% will manage to go up in value and remain in upward motion. Don't let inflation lead you to believe that your cards are going ^ in value.

Cards that are speculated are potential "LOSERS" its just a mater of time, popularity and demand. In the end the last owner Loses the most when the card drops rapidly in value. Can I say Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Palmeiro, Clemens, Canseco, Arod..........

All-in-all don't let your EGO or GREED determine the value of n/a cards and don't be insulted when someone offers less than YOU are wanting....JMO