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Full Version: Delay with my trades...
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To those who I finalized trades with on the later half of last work week, I am sorry for the delay in shipping. Our car was struck by a drunk driver late friday night when returning home from dinner. My wife and I are okay, considering... just some bruises and soreness, but my car was totaled. Naturally had to put cards on the back burner until things were settled and back to normal.

Apologies again for the delay. I'll be getting the cards out today, or tomorrow at the latest.


Glad to hear nobody was seriously hurt. We dont have a trade but I am sure everyone will understand.
Glad everyone is OK Dom.... No worries....
Glad you and the wifey are good man,. Sorry about your car. Any interest in this though?

[Image: D2472373-EB26-4561-B058-F0E7ECA282B8_zpsg5fbcvtu.jpg]
Glad you guys are okay! No worries on shipping out our trade - take all the time you need. At least you've got some baseball to watch now while you recuperate.
So are Petillo 65, 66, 67 and 68 OK?

You know, your split personality accounts? LOL
Glad to hear you both are ok.
Glad to hear you are ok man, and the fam to! Definitely takes precedence over cards buddy.

When you get back to it PM me your addy, I have like 10 Rookie Cups to send you from my 2014 Topps break
Glad to hear you guys are okay and wish you both a speedy recovery. All too often you hear about the Drunk Driver walking away without a scratch while the people he/she hits aren't that lucky.