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Full Version: Be home soon!
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So my nine month deployment is coming to an end! I have 16 hobby boxes and a 2011 just minors mystery mini bat case waiting on me. Hoping to get back into trading with my old traders and any of you new traders out there. I should be back to trading the middle of March. I will be looking for Braves, mostly Freeman and Chipper!
Thank you for your service!
looking forward to it. and thanks again!!
Welcome home!
Welcome back!
Thank you all. Sitting in Bahrain, in port. I get to come home a few weeks early, because i am transferring to California. I am looking forward to getting back to trading with all of you!
Welcome back to the Mother-land!!!
Welcome back brother and go Braves!! You live in the Atlanta area? Im in Gwinnett.
Welcome home. I look forward to more trades with you. Travel safe.
Welcome (almost) home and thank you for your service!
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