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Full Version: Autographed card missing the autograph
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Here's my dilemma.

I bought a box of Upper Deck SP Authetic basketball cards from 2011-2012 a couple years back. I received a Jimmer Fredette card that was the blue tint that the autographed cards were, and it had the Congratulations message on the back. But it did NOT have the autograph on it. When I contacted Upper Deck with hopes of making it right, I couldn't even get a real response.

I have the original card without the autograph so I can send pictures of the two cards side-by-side front and back to prove not I'm not making up stories.

What should I do?
You know mistakes happen etc... but the wording on the back about the signature being witnessed by an Upper Deck Rep or certified by one upon return makes me giggle.
I would think that there is not a lot you can do. That card is from 2 seasons ago. I could understand Upper Deck exchanging it out or something 2 years ago, but not now.
Had this happen years ago with a Greats of the Game Gorman Thomas card which I still have unsigned. Fleer at the time didn't seem to understand that in my opinion this casts a shadow on the "Certified Autograph". Sounds like Upper Deck doesn't care either. I thought of signing it "Mickey Mouse" and putting it on ebay. It says it is a "Certified Autograph".
Send it to him. See if he'll sign it. That would make the sig even cooler!
Those were sticker autos, so it probably managed to slip by the step of having the sticker applied. I would definitely stay in contact with Upper Deck to see if they will either replace the card or they may have you send it back to them and slap a sticker on it (if they have any of Jimmer).
just have to chuckle a bit....OP has a grand total of 2 posts and both are the exact same thing with a SLIGHTLY different title (the other post has the player name in the title as opposed to the generic title for this one) posted 9 minutes would think someone who waited 3 years to complain about an missing autograph would have enough patience to wait more than 9 minutes to get a reply to a question....