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Full Version: 1950's Parkhurst Cards for Sale
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Hi, My father recently passed away and in his possession he had a scrapbook of 1955 era Parkhurst (?) cards including the Jacques Plante rookie card which according to one report lists it's value at $12,000 (in mind condition...) Tim Horton, Jean Beliveau, Rocket Richard, Red Kelly, Johnny Bower (in Rangers uniform) etc. There are what appear to be complete or almost complete sets for Toronto, Montreal, Detroit and Chicago and I'm only listing the names I recognize as famous.

I do realize that as a result of the cards being glued down in a scrapbook it makes them worth very little but i'm hoping they might still be worth something to someone. If not, i'm happy to hold on to this little piece of history.

Also, I may be "new" to the hockey card thing but I do work for one of the largest law firms in Canada so Serious Inquiries Only please - do not ask me to ship to Omaha and give me your paypal account info.

Sample photos attached - I would be pleased to send more to anyone who enquires personally.
I sent you a private email re this set
By the way the only cards for the 55-56 set you have are from Montreal and Toronto. If you have Bower in a Rangers uniform and players from other teams they would be from 54-55. It is Bower's rookie card. I have that complete set in both the statistic back and premium back. All 1955-56 cards have the red bottom border all the way across the card. If the red border does not go all the way across the card bottom and there is a white border on each edge they would be from the 1957-58 set. I only tell you this so you know I am a collector that knows his stuff and you don't sell something that isn't what you think it is.
left card 55-56 middle card (Bower) 54-55 right card 55-56. These are in my colletion