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Full Version: Rare High End Available ~ Jordan, LeBrick, Durant, The Servant, Rose - RC, Patch AU
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Only trading The Servant / King James RC for other Durant/ LeBron RC (fritos on my sub)

Mainly looking for Durant/LeBron rookie cards (esp. chrome & refractor cards). Also looking for Durant/jordan chronology stitches, and ultimate collection or UD black matchups of legends or Jordan/lebron. Will take a look at Davis, Paul George & Rg3 rookies as well

[Image: Screenshot_2014-02-20-18-37-5_edit_13931...705432.png]

90 firm as hecky
[Image: IMAG0129_1.jpg]

Bowman sterling /25 & Topps stadium /50
- looking for LeBron or Durant retractors in return
- prices ballooning fast
[Image: IMAG0121_2.jpg]

$275-325 Trade Value (griffey) & $100 TV / SV (Beasley)
[Image: IMAG0096.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot_2014-02-12-10-42-42.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2014-02-24-17-06-06.png]

Rose ultimate signature materials rookie auto patch /25 (very small crease) 300 OBO

[Image: DSCI0062.jpg]

[URL=""][Image: DSCI0023-2.jpg][/URL]

[Image: Screenshot_2014-02-14-00-40-34.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2014-02-12-10-41-51.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2014-02-12-10-41-0_edit_1392763122587.png]

/999 (probably NFT but wanted to see some [c]offers... can possibly trade this or other PC items up for a scarcer Durant/LeBron rookie)
[Image: Screenshot_2014-02-12-10-40-4_edit_1392223986093.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2014-02-14-00-37-48.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2014-02-16-16-47-2_edit_1392762881238.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2014-02-16-16-47-0_edit_1392763000656.png]

2007-08 UD Ultimate Dual #/25 (Pop 1 for 07 ultimate Jordan autos...
Only trading for gem refractor RCs)
[URL=""][Image: MJultimate95_zps99d26062.jpg][/URL]

[URL=""][Image: jordantributes_zps9052328a.jpg][/URL]

6/15 (Jersey #, hand serial)
Chron is gone but not forgotten
[URL=""][Image: DSC02738.jpg][/URL]

Jordan ATG Gold Auto 3/10

LeBron Ultimate Signature Materials #/10

/25 (400 OBO)
[Image: IMAG009_edit_1392334406349.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0101.jpg]

[Image: _3%201.JPG][/URL]

3 color (probably NFT but will listen to offers)
[Image: IMAG009_edit_1392334356581.jpg]

[URL=""][Image: 0B7DE751-A141-4BE4-BCB4-1F2F9BD38A8F-98-...72AF85.jpg][/URL]

Full name signature & inscription (need good offer, hyper scarce)
[URL=""][Image: FE66E8C5-DAA1-4193-96BA-266DA9965536-243...08DF53.jpg][/URL]

[Image: Screenshot_2014-02-12-12-01-11.png]

Mitchell & Ness, Limited Edition, #/500
[URL=""][Image: 88ad53ca-5a6e-4871-b058-804a40cb2c8b.jpg][/URL]

[URL=""][Image: 48b00945-f4a0-40cf-8d88-6a3d93404f1b.jpg][/URL]

[URL=""][Image: Jordan1better.jpg][/URL]

[URL=""][Image: Jordan3.jpg][/URL]

[URL=""][Image: mcgrady.jpg][/URL]
DAMN!!!! Thats some nice stuff
interested in the Griffey JR