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Full Version: Pujols/Griffey Jr. 8cl patch /5 pic inside!
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2013 Panini America's Pastime Front Row Fabrics Booklets Prime #SLG - Albert Pujols/Ken Griffey Jr./5 - Courtesy of

Here is the most waited on pic lol. Card is no longer for sale on comc and is still on ebay at the moment.

I would consider trading this for something I collect I might even trade down for a few key items!

I PC Jim brown, Johnny unitas, Elena Delle Donne & Ben Roethlisberger rc autos.

If interested in buying I will entertain offers...
Those are some sick patches! How much are you looking to get for it ?
(02-24-2014, 04:04 PM)Gtbrian23 Wrote: [ -> ]Those are some sick patches! How much are you looking to get for it ?
Im not looking for anything in general. I collect autos of jim brown, johnny unitas, elena delle donne & ben Roethlisberger rc autos. Other than those cards I might be open to other offers. Paypal is always good too! Just make an offer...I will entertain them all

Ok,I don't have any of those players at the moment but feel free to check me for others. I have some nice stuff is be willing to trade
Beautiful card....look over my stuff too please.
I might have an extra Johnny U too...I'll have to check.
let me know scott23hitman. im def interested in unitas or brown items