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My NASCAR Collection is currenly complete with all 406 autographs in possession. That does not include cut augoraphs. That is one of every driver crew member spouse owner media etc that has a certified pack pulled on card autograph. However my NHRA collection is not complete as these tend to show up less frequently and normally all at once which makes it hard to get them. This is a recent drag racing mail day. all of these are c ertified pack pulled

[Image: nhra_zpsaccdaef1.jpg]

I also received this one which is a card that was never released. They were signed but then he was released from the team and so far only one has shown up. Since it is signed was signed while he was under contract and being paid to sign and the card is self certifying i am counting it. Also the only other certied he has is a 2007 irl rittenhouse
[Image: foyt_zpsda9e54e8.jpg]
Nice cards!

Hey man sweet cards, congrats.
Nice cards Michael! The Antron Brown card reminds me of my trip to STL last August. He threw out the first pitch in a Cardinals/Pirates MLB game I went to while I was there. It was a good pitch too, right across the plate.

Found a pic in my PB of the scoreboard.

[Image: AntronBrown1stPitch.jpg]
Excellent cards, Michael! Congrats on the pick ups & congratulations on the current pack-pulled NASCAR completed collection! That is a truly amazing feat, friend. Well Done!

Nice additions