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Full Version: 1999-00 fleer metal hobby
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I have no idea why the heck i blew money on this forgot how awful the rookies are in this set and how many what could of been rookies.
Andre Miller emerald rookie
Kobe bryant heavy metal
about 6 other emeralds
plat portraits---bender, marion, wally, francis, cummings, stevie franchise
rivalries--about 6 of them--notable is kobe
and the mega hit---corey alexander autographics !!

pretty boring break, the cards are just not too appealing in this set. anyone need set fillers or inserts let me know. thanks
Any pics?

I loved the autographics cards.

First ever auto I pulled was an autographics of the immortal Chris Carr!
I love the rookies from this year....I am not sure if I have anything that you may be interested in but I would love to try and make a trade for some of the rookies that you hit, including the MIller emerald.
Nice rcs
how much was this box?
45.00 would of been ok at 30