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Full Version: 1996-97 topps series 2 hobby
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Was at lcs and decided to go old school since i think new basketball products suck. tried a box of 96-97 topps series 2, he had them priced wrong at 45 which is good with me!
Michael Jordan ----4 base cards
Kobe Bryant ---3 rookies all very nice
Nash, Iverson --4 each
Shaq, hardaway, marbury nba at 50
Lew alcindor finest reprint
penny hardway mystery finest
jason kidd mystery finest borderless!!!!

i was very happy with this break, this was probably the most fun i have ever had busting basketall A+. this may be the only wax basketball box i opened where i could sell the hits and get my money back.
This has always been a good old-school box to bust. Multiple Kobe RCs (I hit 4 in my last box) and usually at least one nice insert (I previously hit a mystery borderless refractor of Clyde Drexler). They run about $60 now, used to run $50, but if you can low-ball bid and steal one on the 'bay it is definitely a great purchase. Good stuff!
congrats man. now i see a box of this in my future.
nice refractor