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For you old timers out there, you probably know how long I have been working to build a master set of 2006 greats of the game autos (w/ printing plates). Many of you have traded to help me build this so thought I would start to share. Sorry for the quality of pics, a little new to some of this technology stuff:

[Image: EE914D19-7AC4-49C5-9EAE-13758B42697C.jpg]

[Image: 1CBB1D26-6B0C-4C2F-947C-F676D912A1B3.jpg]

[Image: 58C1A9F9-5ACA-4447-B198-E69F3742D94B.jpg]

[Image: CAB9C0BD-63B2-493A-9C0F-AD8CF2BB7C6B.jpg]
Bro that is awesome!...I remember when you only had a few lol...Great Job!
This just brought a tear to my eye lol...this is fantastic! Awesome collection
Thanks guys, more scans to come. I have all the base, all the pewter parallel and all the copper (/299). Won't scan all those, but here come the plates:

[Image: C9C9B95E-1298-43D0-B771-CC81AFC19873.jpg]

[Image: 252EA431-BBB3-4728-BCEC-F1006EAB127A.jpg]

[Image: 0869F439-7E97-4350-9639-2A0D7B0ADB87.jpg]
[Image: 3F4C547B-CEFC-4792-84BA-99E6EADA34AF.jpg]

[Image: 0837045D-ED4D-4917-BEB4-16641BB4FA2F.jpg]

Very Cool!! Harder than a Job isn't it? Great Work.

Best part, the actually had Nick Names that ment something and you could read most of the Autographs. Today you get 2-3 humps and a line, go figger!
Yeah, I will scan the base autos and other insert autos (decade greats and team greats) and you can see the pride the vets put into their autos. I liked the set for the nickname and the retired players that aren't overpopulated in today's products. Still missing the Nolan Ryan, greg luzinski, and dusty baker base autos, but have the rest including the variations. I will keep adding scans
Those are AWESOME!
Incredible collection, partner! Just awesome!
[Image: A53679CD-DCD9-45DC-A36D-1BCBFA51CEE5.jpg]

[Image: A8FA48A8-88B1-45E7-9E83-6020B07147BC.jpg]

[Image: ADB94852-10A1-4164-8B2C-EF47C930F016.jpg]

[Image: 0BAD932E-2110-463D-87CF-7399F9482AFA.jpg]

[Image: F110FBA8-8DA9-42D1-BA24-61EA70732A8A.jpg]

[Image: 642F57E5-8A8F-45E3-BDC5-BAAEC21AC310.jpg]

[Image: 915A96BA-EF60-482D-AD60-57229E4496E3.jpg]

[Image: 47913627-FFF2-43B8-A259-BCC9DAAAD87D.jpg]

[Image: 8B68040E-91DB-412B-B447-D5D41E1A206F.jpg]

[Image: FF1345E3-ABD7-4EFE-9BD2-80556D258358.jpg]

[Image: EDCE2F89-917B-44C1-A42A-DD6634484DF4.jpg]

[Image: 90E5CCAD-CA91-47CE-8C81-BC8FF4EA3052.jpg]

[Image: 120190CB-EF0D-45F3-984F-1BA7CF77B64B.jpg]

[Image: 41933892-9849-4F69-BD5F-A63F23A4CC3D.jpg]

[Image: 22F08E45-FF13-4A44-A938-85DC20BEAB70.jpg]

[Image: 04F8881B-592A-4A38-82C3-8F3C05BD7737.jpg]

[Image: 5A3D0CDB-5CBE-420B-93EA-D0A963F9EC4D.jpg]

[Image: 12674F70-A07F-4BD6-99A0-945297B205BE.jpg]

Notice the hard to find variations (those aren't doubles!). Still chasing Nolan Ryan, dusty baker and greg luzinski... Any help on those 3 would be appreciated. Hope you enjoyed the pics. Will keep adding as I scan more, moving on to the game used and game use autos next.

Wow, that's incredibly impressive. Well done, man.
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