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Full Version: WTTF: 2013-4 Prizm Trailblazers
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My son has decided he would like to get some cards of the Portland Trailblazers and he likes the look of prizm.

So if you have any that you would like to trade for let us know.
He is basketball trade stuff is listed below. He also has a lot of Football and some Baseball if your interested in trading for that.

He is only 12 so he does not have really high end stuff.

Any help would be appreciated.
He need anything that is not listed below. (he is not doing the auto's)

Guys he is looking for: ***Cards on list is what he has, If its not on the list he needs it

Damian Lillard #19 : Base / Prizm
Wesley Matthews #123: Base/ Prizm/ Orange/ GREEN/
Nicolas Batum #144: Base/ Red/ Orange/
LaMarcus Aldridge #186: Base/ Red/ RWB /
C.J. McCollum #283: Base/ Blue /199/ HRX
Allen Crabbe #295: Base

Damian Lillard Guard Duty #4: Base
Damian Lillard Dominance #14: