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Full Version: Looking to buy or trade for the oldest card I can get.
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Don't care who it is, or the condition. I just have always wanted a 1909 T206 or something along those lines. Please leave scans and prices if you have one or more you are looking to trade or sell. Thanks guys!
I have a bunch of these, from 1887-89
[Image: 22112mailday45.jpg]
What are you asking for them? Im interested. Are they all the country cards, or do you have any with athletes on them?
I think I have a boxer, I have some of the fish and the rest I have are the Flags (some are countries and I have a few of the States)
I'll send you a PM in a moment.
Got a 1909-11 T206 Piedmont Frank "Wildfire" Schulte Front View Tobacco Card (G-VG) for $50 shipped. See Pic in bucket.

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You can find T206 baseball players on eBay for $15-25 a lot of the time. I'd give a look over there.
[Image: 064.jpg]
[Image: 065.jpg]
[Image: 066.jpg]
[Image: 067.jpg]
[Image: 068-1.jpg]
alstott - what are you asking for the bottom 3
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