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Full Version: Panini Basketball Doesn't Seem Out There
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I'm wondering if my fellow basketball card collectors are sensing the same trend I'm seeing. Although Panini is constantly releasing new basketball products every 3 weeks, I get the impression that dealers and collectors are not buying them. When dealers and collectors are hot for a product the secondary market is usually very active...I'm not seeing that for the 2013-14 products....does anyone else agree or disagree with to hear from you all....thanks!
2013-14 is an awful draft class. I think it will be a down year like 2013 was for NFL products. However, many of their best products have still yet to be released. Besides Prizm there's not been a popular product released so far. Most collectors are still focusing on immaculate, flawless and NT from last year.
the weak draft class has a huge effect. when newer products come out and the older ones decrease in price, more will be opened.
I'm still focussing on catching up on last years sets that i have to complete (Elite, Brilliance, Contenders, Panini Stickers, Prizm) before I hit this years stuff. I'll probably hit this years stuff over the off-season, when the prices are down.