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Full Version: I collect Michael Finley cards/ Looking to TRADE
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I collect Michael Finley basketball cards so if you would like to trade or sell or even just dump off your Michael Finley cards I would be willing to take them off of your hands.

I have not been collecting the last couple of years but I was strong in the past. So the Finley cards I am looking for are mostly after he left the Mavs. But I also am looking for some of his early cards as well if I do not have them. I have about 650 different single cards of Finley and about a couple thousand doubles, so also check and see which ones I will trade or sell.
I have my want list under Michael Finley Collection for you to see what cards of his that I need or would like.
I have about 600,000 football not counting about 25,000 Packers Cards and a few thousand baseball and a few thousand basketball cards that I will try and get up on here in the next few months. Just to let you know, I am open to trade anything for for football, baseball for basketball, etc.. It does not matter to me. I may be new to trading on here so go to eBay and review my feedback if you feel uncomfortable dealing with a "newbie". My user name is princeofcourts12 and still 100 percent positive after 1,ooo transactions.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Mr. Mike