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Full Version: A Beckett Website Update
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To our Members,

We want to sincerely apologize for the recent slowdown in service to users of the organize software tool. We hear you loud and clear and understand your frustration with this portion of our website, as well as speed issues with other functions on the site recently. This problem can be attributed to growing pains as much as anything else. The good news is that we have more collectors than ever before accessing data, organizing their collections, and trading with other collectors on our site. The bads news is that we have not been fully prepared to handle the vast amount of quick growth that we've experienced in this area. No one wants this problem to be resolved as much as we do and we're not asking for you to excuse us from our obligations. You have our commitment to turn this short term speed problem into a long term positive change in how the backend architecture of the site is designed so that this will not be a recurring problem.

In short, new servers have been installed and we are experiencing noticeable improvements in speed. Heavily traveled and queried portions of the site, like organize, will be changed structurally to allow more timely access now and in the future. You should notice even more improvements in speed to Organize within the next two weeks and more permanent speed enhancements after all hardware and architectural changes are installed over the next four weeks. We realize that this can be a long time to wait, since you've already been waiting for some time, but we strongly feel that those who stick with us will be quite pleased with the final results and pleased with the array of enhancements and new services that will become possible in 2014 due to this hardware and software restructuring.

Direct Collector-to-Collector (C2C) buying and selling is just one of the many significant enhancements that Organize users will enjoy, but that's just for starters. We are committed to making Organize the fastest, most user friendly collecting software on the market and we hope that you will agree once we all pass this current road block.

Customer communication has not always been our strong suit and we realize it. We're taking steps to change this situation as well, and we trust that you'll notice improvements over the coming months on this front.

We thank you for your patience.

Dan Hitt
Senior Manager - eCommerce