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Full Version: Any chance the POP Report will become useful?
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I've had thousands of cards graded by Beckett. Unfortunately the POP report is of limited use in trying to determine how many cards Beckett has graded for some issues. I have hundrends upon hundreds of cards graded over the last 10 years that don't show up via any search of the POP report. Examples: I have 2008 SI Kids Usain Bolt. Beckett does not seem to have sport category for Track & Field, but if you search Misc Sports, Multi-Sport or Olympics, you find nothing. 1972 Dan Gable Panini, 1988 Julio Cesar Chavez Panini, 1981 Tron cards, 2012 Badgers Team Issue Montee Ball, 1962 Marca Stella Pele or pretty much any soccer issue prior to 1970, 1930s Manfred Von Richthofen Red Baron cards, and many many more. When or will Beckett ever have ability to seach all the cards that they grade?

One more point, the POP search forces you first to select a sport. Pele for example may be in some soccer specific sets but he is also present in many Panini multi-sport sets so even if Beckett got all their graded cards into the POP report you would not be able to see all the cards for a player with a single search if they have cards in more than 1 category.
I was wondering if I was doing something wrong actually searching for Peles cards that are earlier than 1971. I have seen a lot of his early cards graded by BVG and I consider submitting some of mine for grading, but I don't find any of these in POP reports. I would like to see that first before submitting just to be sure that Beckett will grade them (they will if they have already graded them before). For that reason and only I will prefer PSA for now. I am thinking wrong here?