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Full Version: New Additions
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Thought I would show a few cards that I have gotten in the last month or so:

[Image: img500_zps9058181d.jpg]
2009 Press Pass Stealth Battle Armor Multi-Color #BAJG Jeff Gordon 104/170

[Image: img534_zps3e45729f.jpg]
2010 Press Pass Premium Hot Threads #HTJG Jeff Gordon 182/299

[Image: img541_zps6273b1d6.jpg]
2011 Press Pass Stealth Metal of Honor Purple Heart #MHJG Jeff Gordon 13/25

[Image: img517_zps6e9178a0.jpg]
1997 Ultra Update Autographs #4 Mark Martin

[Image: img520_zps74636c42.jpg]
2013 Press Pass Legends Pieces of History Memorabilia Autographs Gold #PHSEMM Mark Martin 06/25

[Image: img521_zps8ff953c3.jpg]
2012 Press Pass Ignite Materials Gun Metal #IMMM Mark Martin 25/99

[Image: img506_zps315378b1.jpg]
2012 Press Pass Redline Relics Red #RLMM Mark Martin 73/75

[Image: img522_zps6b1eb04f.jpg]
2012 Total Memorabilia Hot Rod Relics Gold #HRRMM Mark Martin 35/50

[Image: img538_zpsdb8c9f99.jpg]
2013 Press Pass Fanfare Magnificent Materials Dual Swatches #MM Mark Martin 07/50

[Image: img537_zpsf51f2fa6.jpg]
2013 Total Memorabilia Hot Rod Relics Gold #HRRMM Mark Martin 01/50

I have 2 more that I will show on a separate post, reached my 10 picture limit. Thank you for looking.

All very sweet stuff, Jerry! But I really like that Legends Mark Martin AU/RU/25...that one is particularly sweet! Congrats, friend!
Nice pickups congrats on adding to the PC. That's some really nice cards.
Awesome additions, Jerry! Congrats on adding them to your collection.
I also have that '97 Ultra Martin AU. It is my fav. AU card that I have of him. There is only 1 card in my MM collection (nearly 400 cards now) that I like more than it and that is a 2009 Showcase 3x RU card #'d to 5.