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Full Version: Some 'recent' pick ups (scans, photos)
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Ever since doing my custom cards I have heavily reduced my eBay and trade pick ups, but I do go after occasional card that catches my eye.

I am going after the Immaculate patches of Victor Claver, not all of them but definitely the better looking ones. He's from my town and because he's been playing very little, his cards are extremely affordable despite the beautiful patches. That said, it amazes me how the ones numbered to /25 have the double-color swatches that aren't even half as nice. I currently have these four already and the fifth one is on its way:

All numbered to /99
[Image: 14b7.jpg]
[Image: su0u.jpg]

Numbered to /199
[Image: z7lp.jpg]

I got these for my Swen Nater collection (part of the Dutch players PC)

Numbered 30/40
[Image: j0i1.jpg]

The Yao Ming is for my T51 Murad swatches Legends & Stars PC, the Norel auto is numbered to /25 and is part of the Dutch players PC.
[Image: awnf.jpg]

Finally I am very amped about picking up this game worn UCLA jersey of Dan Gadzuric (another Dutch player)

[Image: irhz.jpg]

Very nice!
Dang man sweet pick-ups! Love the game used jersey Smile
Great stuff man! That Walton/Swen is NICE!! Congrats on the great pickups.
That game worn jersey- really, really cool.