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Full Version: 2013 panini black friday nba championship
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does anyone know what box these jersey cards come in? lmk
They were a part of the 2013 black friday promotion.
They aren't from boxes, but from packs of 2013 Panini Black Friday which were available as a promotion and not directly for sale. Packs could've been obtained online directly from Panini as a bonus when buying boxes. Alternatively, packs were given to card shops that could then give them out based on pack/box purchases. Of course some people opened the packs and others simply resold the packs on eBay. So it is possible to buy the packs, but much easier and safer (as the packs are very easy to search, and most sellers note "thick" packs when selling as they almost always contain some sort of game used card) to simply buy the cards you want.