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Full Version: A very nice mail! Kyrie, Bledsoe, Knight, Lamb
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Just got these in the mail:

[Image: img273_zps5c66c9fe.jpg]
[Image: img266_zps605522d3.jpg]
[Image: img267_zpseb79a78c.jpg]
[Image: img271_zps760e1486.jpg]
[Image: img258_zpscc3e8dff.jpg]
[Image: img269_zps8a6f7cbb.jpg]

This is my first Kyrie RPA! I need a new case for the card, b/c the one a took a scan of is a bit scratched up. The Auto is nice and bold too! I like Knight and Jeremy Lamb's potential, I feel like Lamb could have a big playoff game or two. Knight could turn into a 20 PPG scorer and help Giannis become a star on the Bucks, hes not that expensive either! Thanks for looking -Ryan-
Solid man. Nice!
Very nice!
Very nice mail! I agree on Knight. His stuff is generally cheap! I really like the Every Player Every Game set but the design on this years cards is awful lol.
Beautiful pickups, I was a big fan of the "Every Player Every Game" Patches this year.
Holy crap man was that one mailday? Unreal. All just great looking pickups well done!
Wow man you have some nasty patches! I love those acetate Immaculate cards.