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Full Version: Who'd like $1 BILLION?
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Well, you'll have to start paying very close to college basketbal.....AND have amazing luck.

Warren Buffett (that guy that LeBron went to for money advice) is offering $1 Billion (that's Billion, with a B) to anyone who fills out a perfect NCAA Championship Basketball Bracket. Well, there's only a 1:9.2 quintillion chance of doing that, but hey, why not?

Who's going to try this just because of the chance at $1 Billion?
Hot darn giggity! I'll be filling them out for sure!

Do we have to fill them out now...or can we wait for the teams to be
can a person fill out 9.2 quintrillion brackets??
(01-21-2014, 12:57 PM)odditycards Wrote: [ -> ]Hot darn giggity! I'll be filling them out for sure!

Do we have to fill them out now...or can we wait for the teams to be
I think you have to wait to fill them out once all of the teams are decided.
(01-21-2014, 12:58 PM)crimedawg47 Wrote: [ -> ]can a person fill out 9.2 quintrillion brackets??
If this is a question of if it's humanly possible? No. Is it against the rules? I have no idea. But is it possible in any sense of the word? Yes. I could write a program that could fill them out, but I think they'd get suspicious with 9.2 quintillion emails that all start with lol. And Gmail may hate me for making that many emails.

I'm going to assume that either he will choose through which way you can submit your bracket (maybe ESPN only, or Yahoo, or who knows). They may end up having some kind of downloadable sheet that you have to print out, fill out, and send in. At least, that's how I'd do it. This way, you can't change your answers (some hackers could change already submitted brackets if they really really wanted to) and I'd limit it to 4 per household (Mom, Dad and we'll assume at max two kids 18 or older living in the same house). If I find out any "rules", I'll let y'all know.
I saw this earlier today. The funny thing is there have been several companies offering $1 million+ for a perfect bracket each year. I read that only once in the history of ESPN doing online brackets has anyone ever even gotten the entire 1st round correct. The upside to the Warren Buffet challenge is that the top 10 brackets will get $100,000 each, so there is definitely going to be A LOT more people doing brackets for it than usual. Good luck to everyone, I know I plan on filling one out for this challenge.
Where do I sign up?~!
You mean .... I gotta work for it?!!
(01-21-2014, 08:46 PM)taffster74 Wrote: [ -> ]You mean .... I gotta work for it?!!
No...just choose....but choose wisely..

Only one bracket entry per Household from what I read on an Article by abc.
I've done it twice so far and I haven't seen anyone get close to having a near 100% record at the first stage. I certainly would like to get the money though.