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Full Version: 09 Signature Stars USA Winning Materials Bryce Harper & others FT
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I was super bored yesterday and made a trip into town and ended up with a 2009 Signature Stars hobby box. Two of the four hits were decent, the Bryce Harper GU and a Matt Kemp AU (Holding onto the Kemp for the time being). I also pulled a Machado USA Star Prospects card as well as a few other decent cards. Everything but the Kemp is marked for trade. I haven't made scans of any of these yet, but I can do if you need to see it before trading...just let me know.

As usual, looking for cards I don't have of the folks in my signature. Open Offers and 'Check Me' posts both work.

Thanks All & Be Well,


Well, been unable to get any sleep tonight, so I got these scanned. Here is the Harper:

2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars USA Winning Materials #8 Bryce Harper 393/499
[Image: IMG_0672_zpsaaa2607a.jpg]

Feel free to check me for it, thanks!
Trade sent
I want it!! Check me please!!