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Full Version: My HOF/Legends Relic PC. Looking for More! Scans
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I'm always looking for baseball HOF and legends relics. Trying to get as many (notable)different players as I can. If anybody has anything they think I'd like or could use, feel free to send offer or PM me. Thanks!

Here's an idea of some of what I have. Obviously brand doesn't matter. I have all kinds.

[Image: pl8771pa.jpg]
[Image: 7kjw28a9.jpg]
[Image: 3pp2e49w.jpg]
[Image: gh8z5v81.jpg]
[Image: u2a4x0c3.jpg]
[Image: 1914u247.jpg]
any chance that rod carew dual gu is ft?
cmb -there may be something in there you can use,thanks
check me for the mariano rivera sweetspot patch
Sweet collection, I may have some you need
paynetrain34- The Mariano could be traded for another Mariano and a second mid-high value relic. But for now it's PC

Camco2- I will trade the Carew dual bat but need to get another Carew in return.

elberson- Feel free to send me an offer!