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Full Version: TRADE - 2013-14 Upper Deck Artifacts hockey base cards
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Hi all!

I am a new user, so I understand people would hesitate trading with me, but I am willing to send cards first for our trades. Now that we got this out of the way, I am looking for 2013-14 Upper Deck Artifacts hockey base cards to complete my set. I would trade for the same number of base cards (no duplicates in the trade).

I am looking for these base cards # (12 total):

I have most base cards to trade, so hit me up with your number list and I'll take a look to see if I have all your numbers. I am even willing to trade the 12 base cards I am looking for, for 14-15 base cards if you need them to complete your set. I got a bunch (~100) base cards / duplicates to trade.

Looking forward to your replies and my first Beckett trade (I live in Canada, so Canadian trade would be easier).

PLEASE NOTE: I would like to make 1 single trade for all the cards, so that'll be taken in consideration when receiving trade offers.

EDIT: Just read that "Please ensure you have cards loaded into your organize BEFORE posting a thread. If you post a trade thread advertising cards not listed in your organize, your trade post will be modified or deleted. Repeat offenders will face possible suspensions or bans." - Since UD Artifacts aren't in the marketplace, can we post for trade anyways?
I do have some doubles of the newest Artifacts (2013-14) marked for trade in my organizer if you take a look, and I do have some that I'm missing marked as wants so if you add your artifacts to the organizer maybe we can work something out.. and you mention the marketplace not having artifacts; the marketplace is a buy/sell area whereas you are likely trying to add your artifacts to your organize by using the price guides (not the marketplace).. All the artifacts as far as i know are listed in the price guides let me know if you get your artifacts 'wants' and 'trade aways' marked in your organizer and we can take a look if we can help each other out..
Hummmm... I've been looking at both, the Marketplace and Organize sections and I cannot figure out how to add the 2013-14 Artifacts to my Organizer or Marketplace... there must be something I am not doing correctly. When I searched for Upper Deck 2013-14 Trilogy cards, I found them right away, but I cannot find the Artifacts collection for any year...

don't type in upper deck...just search the term artifacts by itself
(01-05-2014, 05:49 PM)chemainus Wrote: [ -> ]don't type in upper deck...just search the term artifacts by itself
Ahhh thanks, I'll try that!