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Full Version: "Recently Traded" collection - how do I remove the tags?
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I have over 700 cards in the "recently traded" collection. Problem is, the tag also shows on the cards in my "rookies" collection.

How can I remove all the recently traded tags from the cards in my entire collection at the same time (not one at a time) without completely trashing the cards from my rookies collection?

I'm sure the question has been asked before, but I'm too lazy to search for the answer.

I really wish the "recently traded" collection didn't exist. I don't see the purpose of it.

Thanks everyone.
I think that you only have those two options, but if all the cards are in both collections move them to trash and then move them back to your "rookies" collection.
If I have multiples in the "rookies" collection, it won't trash those, will it? Just those listed in the "recently traded"?
Ive been stuck removing the "recently traded' tag one tag at a time also, needless to say it is very annoying lol
Only way i've been able to get around that is to move all of them in your trash, than move the ones you don't want to delete back into the collection you want to keep them in.