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Full Version: NFL Backtrack
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The NFL tells the Packers they have to sell-out their playoff game by Thursday or the game in Green Bay will be blacked-out locally. Well, they couldn't find enough fans that wanted to go. Does the game get blacked-out like any other NFL game? No. They gave them another day, and a local bank bought up the tickets Friday. Packers fans are pretty weak, and the NFL needs to stick to its word. I live thirty minutes from Lambeau. People were turning down free tickets to this one. Now, why go to a game at all? The NFL won't stop you from seeing it on TV anymore, apparently. Or will they?
it's going to be -50 windchill, maybe the coldest game in nfl history. in all honesty, when it is that cold, it is an absolute health risk. the fact they were only 5000 short is a testament to the strength of the packer fanbase