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Full Version: When Trading New Year's Resolution!!!
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My New Year's Resolution this year is to check and make sure a trader is not "BANNED" before sending cards...because of the holidays I agreed to a trade and hurriedly sent off my cards overlooking that the trader was "BANNED"!!! Waaaaaahhh!!! Waaaaahhhh!!! Waaaaahhh!!! Man do I feel like a dumb[donkey], stupid, inept, rookie of a trader...LOL!!!

The guy is "Packernut" and it says clearly on his name "BANNED"!!!

On another note, wishing everyone a Prosperous and Awesome trouble free new year!!!
Lol that sucks, think he will still come through on trade? He could have been banned for something other than bad trading? Hope you are having a great new yeah my friend!
Thanks buddy...I hope so...but hoping is just wishful thinking at the moment. I noticed that he has like 3 different more beckett accounts all banned...I also noticed he was banned after I had accepted and mailed my end of the trade...Anyways, on another subject...I think it will be an awesome new year...starting the 15th I will be in the Philippines, checking the new house after the earthquake and then visiting my wife and daughter...cant wait!!! Here is a pic of the new house.

[Image: angiehouse.jpg]