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Full Version: Going for a white whale UPDATE: White whale still swimming :(
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The title pretty much says it all. I'm going after a very rare and expensive card over the next few months so I am going to need to build up some significant paypal (as in, like 4 figures worth) to have a prayer of landing it.

Essentially any card marked FT in my org I am willing to sell- I am even considering moving some nice MJs that are on the fringe of my PC, such as a 1998-99 black diamond sheer brilliance extreme /23 and my MJ auto (2012-13 sp authentic letter auto /23, both are bgs 8.5).

In other words, feel free to peruse my org and either send a trade over with whatever you might be interested in buying, or shoot me a PM if you'd rather do that (or if I don't have the card marked FT since it's currently PC).

Everyone I currently have trades going with (cough TBARN cough Smile ), no worries, I will avoid selling anything you have earmarked in the trades!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Thanks in advance for looking!
could use your Iguodala #/25
I think you might need to find Queequeg. Wink
As suggested earlier, I will be selling some nicer stuff from my PC to try to obtain the card I really want, so here are some pics of the nicer stuff along with some prices. Feel free to make an offer, these aren't 100% firm there's some wiggle room, but the prices I put here will be lower than when I list them on the 'bay. Would love to keep them in the beckett community if possible!

All of these prices are delivered, btw.

2011 UD All-Time Greats One-on-One Dual Book Autographs Magic Johnson/Larry Bird /5 BGS 9 $200

[Image: MJBirddualgraded001_zps13c8cf2e.jpg]

1998-99 Black Diamond MJ Sheer Brilliance /230 BGS 9 $40

1998-99 Black Diamond MJ Sheer Brilliance Extreme /23 BGS 8.5 $205

[Image: ff5c65e2-b2bf-4535-90df-4a9683f0ec11_zps661818cd.jpg]

2012-13 SP Authentic By the Letter Auto /23 Michael Jordan BGS 8.5 (REALLY thought this would get a 9, might be worth a re-grade) $345

[Image: 4a9109a9-2048-4164-a07a-67acec01101d_zpsd6b7364f.jpg]

A few others, sans scans:

1999-00 UD Hologrfx NBA Shoetime Kobe Bryant- $45

1996-97 Skybox Net Set Michael Jordan PSA 9- $25

1995-96 Metal Slick Silver Michael Jordan BGS 8- $9

2012 UD Goodwin Champions Memorabilia #MMJ Michael Jordan BGS 9- $27

1997-98 Skybox Z-Force Rave /399 Jerry Stackhouse #84- $8

2010-11 Elite Black Box Materials Prime /49 Mitch Richmond- $12

Feel free to check out my other stuff as well. Thanks!
You make me want to sell some so I can get your Bird/Magic. If you still have in a couple weeks I should have the $200.
I am so close to the amount you want for the first card in my paypal account. I have about 145 in my account, so I am wondering if you want a card to go with it.
Lol good luck with your white whale!! I haven't added the Jim Jackson to my Org yet because it hasn't come in. I am waiting for it to arrive from China. But that is cool though, I don't have any problems adding it to the trade. But the Dual JSY isn't available.
Sounds like you are going through what I did a couple months back to obtain the henderson logoman auto. Shelled out quite a few kobe pc cards and got it. Best of luck to ya.
(01-01-2014, 07:27 PM)crimedawg47 Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds like you are going through what I did a couple months back to obtain the henderson logoman auto. Shelled out quite a few kobe pc cards and got it. Best of luck to ya.
Thanks! I figure worst-case scenario if I can't pick up the white whale (it's on ebay, ends in just under 4 days and the bid is already WAY higher than I thought it would be at this stage...I figure it will go for $1000-$1300) I can upgrade my MJ auto because I want one of him in a Bulls uniform even though they tend to cost more. I will also likely succumb to my wax-busting nature for at least one box if I have anything leftover!

Update also: Thanks everyone for the responses thus far. The sheer brilliance extreme /23, Bird/Magic dual and MJ auto are all gone! So the "big ticket" stuff, I guess, is mostly spoken for, but I have lots of stuff in that $8-$30 range in my org that's begging for a new home...every little bit helps so if I have anything you might want don't hesitate to get ahold of me!
Another update bump and some more dipping into the PC to sell stuff!

The sheer brilliance /230 BGS 9 is gone. The MJs below are all FS, prices listed. Again, maybe a little wiggle room, but not much as these prices will be lower than their ebay listings!

[Image: moreMJsales001_zpsc0518d5a.jpg]

1994-95 SP Championship Playoff Heroes PSA 10- $25
1995-96 Metal Slick Silver BGS 8- $9
1997-98 UD Air Time #AT10 (the last one in the set that was way tougher to pull, books several times higher than the others) BGS 9- $28
1998-99 Molten Metal Xplosion BGS 9- this one I REALLY like and will be tough to get from me- $78

Also not pictured: 1998-99 Black Diamond Diamond Dominance Michael Jordan /1000 BGS 9: $32

Thanks again everyone!

EDIT: Diamond Dominance is gone. Remember if it's not pictured, but it's in my org, it can probably be had (for a price haha). Offer away! Smile
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