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Full Version: I definitely believe in Karma! Do you??
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So I won this and was pretty excited that it said "delivered" today!

[Image: 26681594-bf11-45d2-8d57-a6167d52652e_zps7647d013.png] [Image: 955953d4-c5ab-4ccd-842a-6bd275aff4ae_zps007d83eb.png]

BUT!! To my surprise, this showed up!!!

[Image: 62928733-3ed5-419e-b994-7b40fe8818cc_zpsa45a1ca9.png][Image: _57_zpsee5ed7c2.jpg] [Image: IMG_6747_zps56d91c17.jpg]

Now if I was a dishonest person and didn't believe in Karma, I'd probably keep this! They definitely sent me the wrong card! So I called them today to inform them of their mistake & that I'd be shipping it back to them! Did you notice the price difference? Daaaaaannnnggg!!!

Sooooo moving on to my issue as of now! This said "delivered" on the 24th and nothing has showed up!! I am trying to give it a few days due to the holiday shipping but its been 3 days now! Idk to do!! This is the 3rd time this has happened to me & I had to "eat it" the other times! Do you think I will be covered? Its not much but I really wanted this dang card & considered it a "steal"!!!

[Image: bcf8cf0c-3adc-4737-b865-d6861a0e8fd7_zpsfc73df1a.png][Image: 039cb069-772a-487a-98b0-3eeb66b8340b_zpsc3b93817.png]

So hopefully Karma will swing my way!Big Grin
Depending how far it was going I think you still have time. I mean I shipped a card on the 20th, that generally would be at the destination in 3 days and it just arrived today due to the holidays. Although Karma could help you out!
Yea I think I'll probably wait until Tuesday before I actually do anything. Trying to give em the benefit of the doubt!
if it had tracking on it and it says delivered any you didn't get it, call the po. priority mail, if it was shipped with that, has up to 50 bucks of free insurance, so if its gone, or they misdelivered, you can file a claim and get your money back.
Good luck, and props for being a good person. I sold some coins for my wife's sister last year and accidentally sent a $200 coin to the guy that won the $70 coin and vice versa. As it happened the guy that won the $200 one is a coin dealer and knew I made a mistake, one that he's made himself, and gladly contacted the other buyer personally, made the swap, and I just paid them both the extra shipping cost.

Not only did I still get good feedback from both of them, all three of us got good karma, I think, for honesty all three ways.
Yes. In conclusion, you must have done something horrific for your cards to keep disappearing like this.

LOL. I kid, I kid.
Yeah I'd wait a few more days. I've had 2 cards this month take longer to ship than the past 4 years. One card was stuck in Sioux Falls, SD for 3 weeks before finally making it. But I've never seen a delivered and not have it. Only an enroute and have it without it saying delivered.
i hope you get your card man. i always have cards say out for delivery but then dont get them for another day or so. and that really pisses me off because the po basically said the mailman is just prescanning them and doing it wrong but then they dont do anything about it. its crap
If this has become a theme, why not opt for a P.O. box? If the P.O. is in an inconvenient location I understand, but if you have carriers that are losing things this may be a solution?

And, no, I do not work for the USPS. I was actually thinking of getting one myself after sending a few items I sold on the 'Bay to P.O. boxes. I have never had an issue sending to a PO box and I have a post office near work.

Concerning your current dilemma, I know what you really want is the card but you may have to settle for the insurance. The bottom-line is that I hope you get the card, but if you don't it sucks. I'm just putting it out there that a P.O. box may help.

Happy New Year!
(01-01-2014, 10:05 PM)cbrigadoi Wrote: [ -> ]I'm just putting it out there that a P.O. box may help.
You think I would have learned by now. Mind you, I'm not trying to be dramatic and say it happens all the time BUT, this is the 3rd time! As much stuff that I trade, sell & buy, I guess common sense didn't really kick in. Honestly I don't know much about them but I'm moving next month anyways & so it shouldn't be a problem for me anymore. But I think I'll look into one though!
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