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Full Version: No breaks of Topps 75th yet? Well, here's one:
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vannestjc;6298112 Wrote:Pulled a full set and more than half of a second.

Pulled 24 different Rainbow Parallels (1 per pack).

[Image: 2013topps75thrainbow_zpse7a504c0.jpg]

Here's a few Rainbows.

Diamond Parallel - Charlie's Angels (Farrah Fawcett) #/75

[Image: 2013topps75thdiamond_zpsd5034f68.jpg]

Buyback is from a Superman II set from 1980

[Image: 2013topps75thbuyback_zps520dcde5.jpg]
Three autos (all base)

Ed Gale (seems everyone is pulling this one)
Joyce Dewitt
Karen Allen (huge Indy this one is pretty damn cool!)

[Image: 2013topps75thautos_zps54895f1e.jpg]

How'd I do?

Nice autos congrats
A decent break. I've been buying single packs and bought about a box's worth. I've pulled Joyce DeWitt, Richard Kiel, Marta Kristen and Russell Johnson redemption. The funny thing is the RJ redemption gave me a Sandy Koufax auto. Not sure why that happened. Will be interesting to see what I get in the mail.

I also pulled a buyback from Raiders and Barb Wire.

Are you doing the set? I need about 4 more cards to complete it.
I have been trying to find a decent priced box of these. Seems like a fun box to open.