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Full Version: Some new stuff for trade (Scans)
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I picked up a few new things for trade, most of these are still incoming but they are all for trade. I just wanted to test the waters and see if there is any interest. I will add them to my ORG as soon as the come in.

[Image: KGrHqRHJEkFJYqElLFEBScbsPmv760_57-Copy_zpsacce2af5.jpg]

[Image: KGrHqRHJEkFJYqElLFEBScbsPmv760_57-Copy2_zpsa1e7679d.jpg]

[Image: T2eC16hwsE9suw0QCLBRyvFj7w60_3_zpsbab3d883.jpg]

[Image: _578_zps4c4b8cc2.jpg]

[Image: KGrHqVk8FF-jBtGQ8BRjrfrq0NQ60_57_zps7ab44ee7.jpg]

[Image: KGrHqZqYFHmGJritiBR8IjB2qQ60_58_zps3cdd7357.jpg]

[Image: T2eC16dykE9s7tuhBRynuRf0Kg60_57_zpsc63dba28.jpg]

[Image: T2eC16dkE9s4BMVpBR8SE2cdow60_57_zps4c84b3bf.jpg]

[Image: KGrHqJiwFD3PFL4fBQ9gdM8hiQ60_3_zps538bee3e.jpg]

[Image: KGrHqVlMFGTkQzuSLBRovDOruig60_57_zps73139ec6.jpg]

[Image: KGrHqVHJEgFJQWgiJvBSeJN7stU60_57_zps31df6114.jpg]

[Image: _31_zpsf45dba9e.jpg]

[Image: KGrHqZiIFD2qQkJUqBRJhm9FOUQ60_57_zpsbf7e1fc8.jpg]

[Image: _571_zps33636eec.jpg]

[Image: KGrHqRHJDoFGqnOouUBRuy29nzQ60_57_zps2dc21906.jpg]

[Image: _12_zpsc0a7e15f.jpg]

Need the penny and faried, wouldn't mind the Andre miller
Hey man! I appreciate the interest. The only things I could really use from your ORG were the Chris Paul Downtown Bound and Downtown Bound Prizms. I am hoping everything will be here next week but with the Holidays it may be first week of January. We can work on a trade until then and try to figure something out. Which Penny did you need the Exquisite or the Immaculate?
Ooooo...ok the Buckeye in me likes that Jim Jackson patch auto. Don't need it, but I like it!
I'm interested in the Courtney Lee Auto, if I have anything in my org you are interested in.
would you like to sell the Faried, Jonas and MKG? I would trade, but I dont think I have anything you need/want. LMK bro!
(12-22-2013, 01:07 PM)The_Zodiac_Collection Wrote: [ -> ]I'm interested in the Courtney Lee Auto, if I have anything in my org you are interested in.
Hey man! I didn't see anything. Still looking for the same stuff for the most part.
Let me know on the zach Randolph ...won't have much for trade but will $$, let me know
Hey I added the Dion Waiters Select Prizm auto to our trade. If you wanna get that Jim Jackson in your org I'll toss it in for me and that should be good (I hope!)
Oh Crap. Looks like I lost out on the Z-bo.
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