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Full Version: 2012-13 Limited Redemption question
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Hey all,

Was just wondering if anyone that purchased this product has gotten their redemptions for the rookies redeemed yet b/c i have a few that are over 8 months now.

Nope, neither the Limited or Certified rookie redemptions have been announced or released. No checklist and no word from Panini. I've called customer service, PM'd through the redemption system and had a few people direct message their Twitter account, and they always say that the list is coming, and will be released soon. No word in months though.
When I was at the Toronto Expo a few weeks back the Panini Customer Service rep. told me that the cards were close to being shipped out but he could not give me any more details than that. I am waiting for 3 of them to arrive so I am interested in seeing what they have done. I suspect that they will be similar to that of the Artifacts rookie redemption's.