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Full Version: 2013 Topps Chrome Question
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Does anyone know if Topps is doing a similar promotion to the Blue Wave Refractor Packs for redemptions like they did last year?
No idea but they have inserted blue wave refractors into the packs because I have pulled one per box so far...
No. I think there are only 3 or 4 redemptions this year. Hear that rumor anyway.
I hope they have something. I have a bunch already. Jarvis Jones and Joeckel.

Maybe a RED Wave
aren't Blue Waves packed into regular packs this year ? I know I've pulled a couple so I'd venture to say there won't be a mail in promo.
Blue Waves are in regular packs...
(12-01-2013, 10:41 PM)superynaldo Wrote: [ -> ]Blue Waves are in regular packs...
I have some Blue Waves this year. I'm hoping for something else. It was great of Topps to do that to appease collectors that were inconvenienced by redemptions. I think it should be common practice for all card companies to add something to redemptions to make them better as the person that pulled them had to wait for the item. Depending on what they gave, it would almost make getting a redemption desirable.