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Full Version: Wings weekly steals!
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my sick pickups of the week

4.56 dlvd
[Image: _57_zps254de5d0.jpg]

11.25 dlvd
[Image: _57a_zps9012c6f4.jpg]

3.06 dlvd
[Image: T2eC16dEFIpb14M4BSfVzSzR-w60_57_zps7187b582.jpg]

and the big boy!

22.69 dlvd
[Image: T2eC16ZzQFIbisNeV3BSTGi02Q60_57_zps42c88fd6.jpg]

Awesome Henrik! I feel like he is one of the most underrated players in the NHL. Maybe that's just me though.
Nice pickups !!! Great looking Zetty. Congrats !!!
Delvecchio auto for $3? Wow. Nice job !
Great pickups for great steals....nothing beats that!
Great additions and it sure is a buyers market right now.