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Full Version: PC mail 2 - Crosby, Neal, Bennett and a DVD?
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Ok now folks, moving on to my Pens PC pickups. I want to say thanks to everyone I've had the pleasure of trading with.

To start off Hedberg, Letang and Dupuis
[Image: img076_zps55d2f30e.jpg]
Hedberg is one of my favs.

Jagr and Maatta
[Image: img075_zps7c4254dd.jpg]

[Image: img073_zps017d0371.jpg]

James Neal
[Image: img069_zpsd659c0eb.jpg]
The SP Authentic is really nice and it's my first Neal auto.

[Image: img070_zpsf3c49992.jpg]

[Image: img074_zps280a4277.jpg]

[Image: img072_zpse456623f.jpg]

and my main PC, Beau Bennett
[Image: img068_zps33d4a420.jpg]
[Image: img067_zps96094fc3.jpg]
That's right 2 copies from the expo. I think I might hoard these.

And finally with the trade I had with Mark(mq13) he sent this little bonus DVD.
[Image: img077_zps6af7aa42.jpg]

The final game of the Pens first Stanley Cup Championship. I love watching it and seeing the way the game has changed over the years. And to watch probably one of the best teams of all time. It's great. Thanks Mark!!!!

Well that's it for now. Comments are welcomed and appreciated.


I just LOVE the Neal authentic moments with gold ink. Those cards are incredibly well done. I have that on my list of Neal cards to obtain.
Awesome cards Walt. Thanks for sharing.
Those DVDs were the best in-arena giveaway ever.
Nice adds. Congrats!
Sick PC adds, Walt! That DVD will be a great one to watch time and again. Congrats!

Great adds to the Pens pc my friend...the bennetts are coming along very nicely.
Great stuff Walt, always like looking at Penguins stuff, love the dvd. the bennett auto overtime is awesome.