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Full Version: !st of 2 mail post - Lots of pretty colors
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Hey Guys,

I've done quite a few trades over the last few weeks, so I have lots to show off. This post is for my 13-14 Prizm RC variants. I have to give special thanks to Mark(mq13) as he has really helped me out. Now I need to find more pc cards for him so I can get the rest of the color variants he has for me Big Grin That being said on to the scans.

[Image: img058_zpsdcf35156.jpg]
[Image: img059_zpse8ecd70d.jpg]
[Image: img060_zpsc31ff23d.jpg]
[Image: img061_zps1647dc57.jpg]
[Image: img062_zpsc61b06b7.jpg]
[Image: img063_zps6f18e642.jpg]
[Image: img064_zpscb22f6c8.jpg]
[Image: img065_zpsa9785e2f.jpg]

All in all this puts me at around 60 or so of the 600. So I still have a long way to go.

I'll have another post in a bit for some other great pc cards

Thanks for the look and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

I bet they will look great when they are all together. Almost looks like Xmas lights. Thanks for the kudos.
Looking good Walt!! Hurry up and finish it off so we can see them all together!!!
Nice stuff, couldn't get into that set but those inserts are nice.
Great Haul Walt
Stellar pick-ups, Walt!!! Congrats!