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Full Version: Mail call! PC, Traders, Nice Howe auto, TTM +++
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Hey guys, last week was a sloooooow mail week and it really sucked but i got a few decent cards in as well as another few great packages today!

PC Pickups

[Image: 81e7hHzl.jpg]

[Image: vHKShmzm.jpg][Image: a7mnCQYm.jpg]
[Image: H9RwFdOm.jpg][Image: 7yBTY4dm.jpg]
[Image: AorMGrRm.jpg][Image: hNKOMbZm.jpg]
[Image: 3Ds1MOVm.jpg]

Newest traders

[Image: 1EVQ4Rsl.jpg]

The Malkin has a dinged corner which sucks so ill probably hold onto it for now and maybe do a custom with it since its damaged.
[Image: hdUfBWZl.jpg]

A nice Henrique canvas POE card
[Image: XUbjcLwl.jpg]

and the best of the group, My first Gordie Howe autograph

[Image: kpeQPaMl.jpg]

Also got these TTM returns as well

2 Baertschis
[Image: KVVs7efl.jpg]
[Image: slM1HTpl.jpg]

3 John Gibsons
[Image: 4oRcVHIl.jpg]
[Image: 2Tuks8zl.jpg]
[Image: sCtFp8Al.jpg]

hope you enjoyed the show and as always comments are appreciated
The dual Howe auto in Whalers jerseys is excellent!!
I like the Sven's!
Awesome customs and the Howe - Howe is just too sweet. Too bad about the malkin but I bet you could make some sort of sweeeeeeeeet custom card with it. Thanks for sharing.