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Full Version: 2013 Limited box
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Well, I think this break lives up to the product name...pretty limited returns if you ask me. Disappointed:

2013 Limited #30 Eric Decker /399
2013 Limited #69 Jeremy Kerley /399
2013 Limited #126 Franco Harris /349
2013 Limited #180 Kenny Vaccaro RC /299

2013 Limited Monikers Autographs Silver #180 Kenny Vaccaro/149

2013 Limited Rookie Jumbo Jerseys RC Logo #22 Manti Te'o /199

2013 Limited Rookie Jumbo Jerseys RC Logo Autographs Prime #37 Tyler Eifert /49

I expected maybe a bit better from a $95 box. I will say the Eifert is a pretty sweet looking card, and at least I got two Autos, but I don't feel great.

No scans needed...pretty pedestrian.
Welcome to my world buddy. Welcome to my world. (Except if it was me, I would have pulled a mike gillisee auto)
Check me for the Eifert
I did 2 boxes of Limited last year, and frankly wasn't impressed. I think my best card was a Ryan Mathews auto /10. I did pull a Turbin jersey card which was great when I was collecting him a lot more.
(11-24-2013, 05:50 PM)Kingofallmarks Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for the Eifert
Started checking for some things I need...I would like to wait until the pricing comes out, even though I'm pretty sure I know where this will be. We can defintely get something done, though.
Check me for the Vaccaro
check my org for the two vaccaro's