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Full Version: Chrome and Sterling fix
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Went to LCS today and got me some Chrome boxes and a pack of Sterling since I like the look of the cards. I will let you guys decide how I did.

[Image: img141_zps725734a7.jpg]
[Image: img142_zpsce85aa8d.jpg]
[Image: img144_zps89f8e8c3.jpg]
[Image: img143_zpsc4bf2359.jpg]

and then for the big one, /30 and 1:16,009 packs

[Image: img145_zpsd130845b.jpg]

Nothing for trade at the moment and have not decided if I will redeem or just sell the redemption but needless to say I was quite happy with todays pickups. Thanks for looking.
Very nice hits
Very nice break.....congrats
nice hits from Chrome. Sucks about waiting for redemptions, but that Geno is a nice one
Nice break, check me for the Eifert if its available.
Nice! Love me some Chrome!
great break man. send some of that luck my destroys me everytime.
i just got the milliner / Geno auto out of sterling today!
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