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Full Version: Another Ryan O'Reilly Rainbow completed - 11/12 Limited
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Here's are the 8 cards. Enjoy the show!!!

Base /299
[Image: 2011-12Limited299_zps37990fe3.jpg]

Ruby /49
[Image: 2011-12LimitedRubySpotlight49_zps420227a6.jpg]

Gold /25
[Image: 2011-12LimitedGoldSpotlight25_zps27deb5c6.jpg]

Prime Jersey /25
[Image: 2011-12LimitedMaterialsPrime25_zpsc790141b.jpg]

Materials /10
[Image: 2011-12LimitedMaterials10_zpsc650a463.jpg]

Monikers Gold Auto /25
[Image: 2011-12LimitedMonikersGoldAuto25_zpse17854fb.jpg]

Monikers Auto 1/1
[Image: 2011-12LimitedMonikersPlatinum1of1_zps0ae3132d.jpg]

Spotlight 1/1
[Image: 2011-12LimitedPlatinumSpotlight1of1.jpg]

Thanks for looking.
i'm impressed by your rainbows, it's amazing that you're able to find so many 1/1's so quickly. It makes me extremely jealous Wink but they are very nice indeed and something to be proud of.
nice set, congrats!
Any rainbow that includes two 1/1's is a major accomplishment. Congrats!
Congrats, great looking set of cards.
Nice job! Congrats.
awesome cards
Really amazing, congrats!!!